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As a blogger, we need to deal with server side that including upload and download files from your hosting FTP server. There are many free and paid FTP clients in the market, but some of them are worth trying. Here Im talking about my favorite FTP client FileZilla which happens to be free and you available for multiple platforms.

FileZilla has become one of those essential software that I install after fresh installation of my computer. Here is a screenshot of FileZilla which you can see.

Hostname: Hostname is your FTP server IP or FTP Server name

Username: Username to access your FTP account

Password: Password to access your FTP account

Once you have entered all these details, click onquick connect.

Now you will be on your FTP server, and you will see all your files in the right-hand panel of the FileZilla screen. Now browse any file on the left side from your Computer, Right Click and hit on upload.

Moreover, if you have multiple FTP server, you can use Site Manager feature of FileZilla to save the login credential of servers and login next time with the single click. FileZilla also gives you the option to export and import all your config including saved site details. So if you use multiple computers, you can always import one setting into another one.

So far, I have found FileZilla to be the most simple and powerful FTP client that you can use for free.

If this is the first time you are going to use the FileZilla, you should watch this free video tutorial fromBluehost. For most of the cPanel hosting, the configuration would be the same. If not, you just need to get your FTP login information of server & use FileZilla:

There are few other free FTP tools out there. For most of the platform, I recommend FileZilla.CyberDuckis another good alternative.

Do let us know about your favorite free FTP software?

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FileZilla saves your saves your passwords in a plain text file on your PC which makes it easy to get your passwords stolen.

I use FileZilla Secure, its the same as filezilla but it encrypts your saved passwords with a master password.

Filezilla is good enough for the basics. However, I think FTP clients are definitely losing ground to other options such as web rtc. This is likely due to issues of security and speed. For work related large file transfers Id take a look at Innorix DS.

Very useful post, I have been searching for a free FTP client for a week and finally now my search is over.

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FileZilla I am using from quite a sometime but i was not aware about the firefox extension will surely give it a try.

I am using both but for quick use i am using firefox extension. I like both.

FileZilla is my fav ftp client, I am using it from over 8 months now.. before tht i allready tried many others like fireftp and cuteftp, but none of them was tht handy, plus i like to use it more and more cauze,it gets updated nearly everyweek, for better and safer usage !!

But sometimes I will use Smart FTP and Others for review ! 🙂

I use Fireftp as i am blogging from my college pc.

I have also used Filezilla and i can say that Filezilla is a good FTP application.

I use Filezilla from a long time and i am satisfied by the performance, i heard too much about FireFTP also.

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