filezilla ftp client

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ƼdzõһpcõľļŶҪûرվṩxftp5(ftpϴ)core ftp proftpboxȹء

FileZillaһѿԴFTPΪͻ˰ͷ߱FTPܡɿԡĽ͹վļ򻯷ʽʹFilezillaͻ˰ΪһFTPͻ˹ߣFileZilla Serverһɲҿɿ֧FTP&SFTPFTP


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filezilla ftp clientǺãϲϴ

filezilla ftp clientĽܲһ˺ܶ

filezilla ftp clientӼ򵥣


Cerberus FTP Server(Windows FTP)

Crossworld CrossFTP Pro(FTPͻ)

FileZilla FTP Client and FileZilla FTP Server

FileZilla is a open source (GPL License) FTP program. It supports FTP and SFTP. Its a Windows only program (Windows 2000 and Windows XP). Theres a FileZilla client and a FileZilla server. Ill be installing both on my Windows XP SP2 box. The client will mainly be used for accessing my website. The server will be used to back up files from my other PCs. The server wont be facing the Internet.

The client is version 2.2.29 and the server is version 0.920.

I downloaded the install executable from the website and ran it. The first dialog boxes asks me to pick a language. The next asks me to agree to the GNU GPL Version 2, June 1991 license. Then Im asked to pick my install type and I pick standard. Full and Custom are also available. The following installation options are available. The ones installed as part of a Standard install are in bold.

According to the installer it will need 12.5MB of space which proves to be accurate.

Then Im asked to pick the destination folder. I keep the default (C:Program FilesFileZilla). I also keep the default for the Start Menu folder which is FileZilla. Theres also a check box to not create the shortcuts.Then the following screen is displayed.

I fire it up (no reboot was needed) and see the main screen. I enter in my sites address along with my ID and password along the top, click the Quickconnect button and get the connection. Port 21 was used by default, I didnt have to fill it in. Moving files is as easy as drag and drop between the windows. My PC is on the left (Local Site) and my ftp site is on the right.

(Click the above picture to see it full size)

My needs are simple so I didnt need to do a lot of digging around. But theres extensive help available that covers using and configuring the program.

I download the install executable and run it. Im asked to accept the GNU GPL on the first screen. The next screen presents the install options. They are:

The Standard type installs everything except the source code. Service Only installs the Server Service and the Start Menu Shortcuts. Interface Only installs everything except the Server service and the Source Code. Full and Custom select everything for install. All types of installs allow selecting/deselecting any item. I pick the Standard Install which it says will take 7.5MB which proves to be accurate. I like the low disk usage, but since its a file server its rather meaningless as its the data files that will matter.

Then Im asked for the destination and I keep the default C:Program FilesFileZilla Server.

The Im asked to pick the start up type:

I accept the default recommendation.

The same server asks me to pick the port. I keep the default of 14147. The same screen lets me pick whether or not to start the server after setup. I chose to start the server.

The next screen asks me how the server interface should be started. The options are:

I accept the default recommendation. I also chose to start the interface after setup completes.

The install then runs and I click close when its done.

Having selected the option to start the interface after setup I expected something to pop up. Nothing does. I have a FileZilla Server Interface icon on my desktop and a newicon in my system tray.

I click the Question mark icon and see the following screen:

I accept the defaults. The Server address is the loopback address (the PC Im on). The password defaults to blank and the port is the same that was entered during the install. The following screen opens.

I pick Edit – Settings from the menu and make the following changes:

I change the Admin password (from blank)

I note that the admin console can only be accessed from the local box ( or by specific IP addresses listed and keep it that way.

I enable logging and set it to use a new log file each day, deleting old files after 14 days.

I pick Edit – Users and add a user.

I dont see any mention of anonymous users in the settings. I try an anonymous connection and it fails. (Good)

In the setup I never saw a mention of a home directory. I also didnt see any directory created on my PC. So I try connecting with the ID I just created (using the FileZilla client) and sure enough, I get a 550 Could not get home dir! message and the connection fails.

When setting up the user I had seen a tab for Shared Folders. I had interpreted this to mean I could create aliases to have multiple users access the same folder. I thought that FileZilla might create the users home directory automatically. I guess not. So I go to Windows explorer and create a home directory for my FTP data and sub-directory under that for my user. Sure enough, as soon as I save I notice a button that says Set As Home Directory was just enabled. If I had noticed it earlier it would have been obvious. Theres already an H by the name of the directory I just set up so Im done. The default permissions are read/list and +subdirs. I give my ID all other rights (add/delete/append). Ill be needing these to do my backups.

I try the connection again and it works (using the FileZilla client on the same PC as the FileZilla server).

Now its the time for the real test. I head into my Mac and try a connection. No joy. Then I remember the windows firewall. Back to my laptop. I open up FTP port 21 in the Windows Firewall, but just for my local subnet. I try the connect again and Im in.

Im not really concerned with security. The Windows Firewall limits access to my local subnet and my home router doesnt all the FTP port in from the Internet. If someone gets by all those they have to do it at a time when my laptop is powered up and running. And they all run DHCP so IP addresses change on a whim.

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FileZilla FTP Client 3901Windows XP

Windows XPFileZilla FTP Client XP

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FileZilla(߳ftpͻ) 3290ٷʽ


ҳFTP FileZilla(߳ftpͻ) 3.29.0ٷʽ

FileZilla(߳ftpͻ) 3.29.0ٷʽ

: / / FTP


FileZillaһ٣ʵö๦ܺͽֱ۵FTPͻˡFileZilla һѵ FTP ͻȻɹȴһҲ֮޲İ߸ĽֶصĽ͹ܵȣʱDzֶ֧ϵܡܵ˵һ

ϵ (֧) Զ վ  ݼӳʱ ǽ֧ SOCKS4/5 HTTP1.1 ֧ SSL ȫ SFTP ֧ ϴ/ض ֧ļϷ ֧ GSS ֤Kerberos뼼

ļ-վ-ѡҪ½վ-ַ-ѡǿUTF-8 ʹԶַGB2312,֮һܽʾ⡣





2013-06-18 – FileZillaͻ3.7.1ϸ΢ı2013-06-10 – FileZillaĿͻ3.7.1-RC1ص㣺ѡָʼıĿ¼ͼļ̨ÿһ1޸X.509ǩ㷨TLS1.2ģʽFileZillaͻ3.6.0.2ĸĶTLS FTPϴMSW΢˱ļ

FileZilla ԰װװ󣬼Ǽİ ߿Լ ԣڱ༭˵—–

ע⣺fileillaȽϿֻ֧ vistaϵͳxp2003û޷򿪡



FileZilla(߳ftpͻ) 3.29.0ٷʽ

԰ΪӮվ ͹ICP17010724

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One of the most famous open-source applications used for FTP and SFTP on Mac…

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remote FTP connection(using client filezilla) to xampp with FTP server(filezilla) is not working

I have successfully setup xampp, FTP server using filezilla on my window xp and

I tried client filezilla on the same computer using localhost and type correct

username and passwd,port number 21 and finally succesfully get the my expect ftp directory that is setup on ftp server setup on xampp-control panel.

Now I tried to use the other computer using window 7 and then use

client filezilla and type the server address( that is NOT localhost and that should be the ip address of the previous window xp computer ) and then type the same user name and passwd ,port num 21as I did but it fail to get ftp directory on other computer

(but okay if do it on the same computer)

So now I go to check window xp firewall and do some exception for filezilla on the window xp computer. And then try again client fillzilla on the othe window 7 computer, but it

So I check ping the ip address for window xp computer that is okay and active.

When I type localhost on webbrowser on xp computer that is also showing the index.php page for me. so all setup for ftp server and apache server with xampp on xp is fine

But why external other PC can not connect to the FTP server on xampp on window xp computer ?

If the ping to the XP machine using IP address works, then FTP should work as well.

As for the firewall on XP, you need to ensure that you have ports 21 and 20 open for TCP connections.0LVL 13duncanb7Author Commented:2013-07-12When I go to xampp-control and activate filezilla ftp server and

editing setting, I just need to type Listen port 21 only and there is no request for me

to type port 20, where I should type.

If I forget to type port 20, why I used client filezilla on the same window xp PC that can

connect to the FTP directory ?0LVL 13duncanb7Author Commented:2013-07-12And for first question.

I try to type the IP address of XP instead of localhost on client filezilla on window xp PC

that is also work same as using localhost0Concerto Cloud for Software Providers & ISVsPromoted byConcerto Cloud Services

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I cant get it to connect either. I added an exception for the Filezilla server in the Windows Firewall but Im not sure I added the correct one.

I did not mean for you to use port 20.

Port 20 should be open on the XP firewall – it is used as part of the FTP connection to send and recieve data.

To troubleshoot your problem you need to test each step 1 by 1:

1) Disable the firewall entirely on the XP machine.

2) On the Windows 7 machine open Filezilla client and try to connect to the XP machine using its IP address – do not change any port numbers.

3) If it does not connect then go back to your XP machine.

4) Assume your XP machine has an IP address of then try on the XP machine to connect to FTP on IP address – if it does not connect then it means that Filezilla is set to ONLY allow connections on localhost. To disable that restriction take XAMPP in to the live status. Try the above steps again.0LVL 84Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:2013-07-12I finally got it working. I had to add FileZillaServer.exe to the Firewall exceptions on Windows XP so it could connect. I also bound it to the machine IP address but I dont think that actually affected it.0LVL 16grahamnonweilerCommented:2013-07-12@Dave – it should work by just opening TCP 20 / 21 (FTP DATA / FTP) without needing to add the whole exception. But then again XP is not the ideal environment for this type of setup anyway.0LVL 13duncanb7Author Commented:2013-07-121-download filezilla server to xp program file directory and install it and setup FTP server again as before from FTP server on xampp-control

2- do exception firwall for filezilla server at xp program files directoy

Duncan0LVL 13duncanb7Author Commented:2013-07-12Listen port on Filezille server setting just 21 is okay to ftp file and No need to type 20 210LVL 84Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:2013-07-12Port 20 is rarely adequate for FTP because FTP in PASV mode uses ephemeral ports which are not port 20. Putting the exception in for the program is the right thing to do in almost all cases for FTP programs.0Featured PostKeep up with whats happening at Experts Exchange!Promoted byExperts Exchange

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FileZilla FTP server װãͼ

FileZilla FTP server װãFileZillaһѶҿԴFTPߡFileZilla ClientFileZilla ServerFileZilla ServerֻṩwindowsϵͳİҪصվҳļϴվӷҳļֻFileZilla Clientͻ˰ͿˡFileZilla FTP server װ

FileZillaFTP serverװãFileZillaһѶҿԴFTPߡFileZilla ClientFileZilla ServerFileZilla ServerֻṩwindowsϵͳİҪصվҳļϴվӷҳļֻFileZilla Clientͻ˰ͿˡFileZilla FTP server װ

ϵͳwindow server 20002003ϰWindows xpϰ




װϺڿʼ˵Start FileZilla ServerFileZilla֮FileZilla Server Interface,fileZillą



Իshared foldersFTPĿ¼ѡûȨޡ֮ťɹ

ˣFTP ServerɹFTP񣬼ɵ½FTP Serverһû¼

ƻ¹11ʽ, ƻ?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005Ļ:T-SQL

SQL Server 2005΢ٷȨֲᡣ Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005ϵĵһSQL ServerĶ֮ ȫSQL S…

How To Enable FTPS for FileZilla Client

How could I connect to an FTP server that requires FTPS(FTP over SSL)?

Method 1)Its the simplest way. Just using ftpes://**.**.**.** as Host. For our web server, its something looks likeftpes://

Its creating a permanent link inSite Manager. Its advantage is that you could give it a meaningful name.

Open FileZilla client, go for menuFileSite Manager…. InSite Managerwindow, clickNew Site. Input FTP servers IP or domain name intoHost:, and all things necessary.

Its worth nothing that you have to selectFTPES – FTP over explicit TLS/SSLforServer Type:

ClickOK. Each time you need to connect, just go forSite ManagerYourSite.

Basic Hyper-V ServerDedicated Memory:4GB

Dedicated SQL ServerCPU:Quad-Core Xeon X3440

filezilla server xp

0.9.43 0.9.42֧XP ͻ3.8.1-rc1

ٶFileZilla Serverصزѹļ FileZilla server.exeϵҼѡԹԱȻȷ FileZillaͰװɹˡ END FileZilla server ˫FileZilla Server Interface.exe…

ã 1 ȫֲã㡰Edit˵ѰSettings General settingsã Listen on Port˿ڣʵFTPӶ˿ڡ Max.Number of users󲢷ӿͻ˵ Number of Threads…

ǰǿͻˣͨftpsftpϴļ —— ˵ķϴ ǷˣftpsftpģԱΪͨftpͻ˷Լļṩ —-ķϴ

1 ѡfilezilla_server Agreeťʼװ 2 ҪװԪװʽĬϵ…

ҪһFTPϷʹfilezilla serverȽϷ㣬ʹʹôڹfilezilla serverԺ֣˰װҪܹӹĻװſԡԺҾһfilez…

filezilla serverͼʾ غõFileZilla_Server-0_9_41.exe˫װ Ĭϵһֱװɹ װʾڣokͿˡ Logged on¼ɹҲfilezilla server…

ϵͳ ҵfilezilla serverķ ȻҼֹͣ񼴿

filezilla serverغõFileZilla_Server-0_9_41.exe˫װĬϵһֱװɹװʾڣokͿˡLogged on¼ɹҲfilezilla serverװɹ…

© 2017 haodianxin, Inc. ʲô֪123ַȫʱ:1.082 ڴ1.68MB>

Picking the best FTP-client among FileZilla FlashFXP and SmartFTP

Website management is mostly connected with content update. If a site was not made through a built-in site builder or by means of some script the upload of updated content must be performed manually. Of course, control panels have file managers, which let a user upload/download the content through it. However, the speed is significantly lower; the interruptions of transfer are more likely to occur and actions on multiple files and folders are not always easy to carry out. What makes a really good alternative to data transfer over web (http transfer) is the use of FTP.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used for copying data over the Internet. File transfer has a client-server architecture, where the server is a remote machine with FTP-server installed and available on its default port (21). In order to check the availability of FTP at your host, you may use the following command:

The hostname may be either your domain name, or the name of your hosting server or its IP. Once you run the command, you will get a response of this kind:

220- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] –

220-You are user number 2 of 50 allowed.

220-Local time is now 02:35. Server port: 21.

220-This is a private system No anonymous login

220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.

This tells you about the name of the FTP server installed and its settings connection and timeout limits, authentication type. Since anonymous logins are not usually allowed, password authentication should be passed. Credentials for FTP-access are either same as for control panel or those, set during creation of a separate FTP-account under control panel. So, in order to connect to the server via FTP you should have a hostname, a port, a username, a password and an FTP-client.

FTP-client is user-end software with interface, similar to the one of a file manager. This interface allows connecting to the server and operating with files with the help of mouse clicks, rather than shell commands. The transfer process is on-screen, so you can trace all the changes. Although the way FTP-clients work is same for all of them, each client has its own peculiarities, which may become decisive when considering the choice of FTP software.

Probably the most popular client in our review is FileZilla an open source product, easily available for download. Beside this (rather important) benefit, FileZilla client is famous for its multi-platform support, as it can be installed on any OS.

Two other Filezilla alternatives FlashFXP and SmartFTP can be run on Windows only. Those clients are licensed, but both are available for a 30-days trial period, in full version. Although it may sound unfair to compare open source software to commercial one, this article is to help you choose exactly what you need, and to find out if a product is worth being purchased, before you actually add it to your shopping cart.

When you launch FileZilla or FlashFXP, you see a standard file-manager-like window, vertically divided into two boxes for a local and remote site. This makes file transfer process a lot easier, as you may simply drag and drop files from one box to another.

Both clients have a quick connect option. But if FlashFXP requests login details through a separate box, FileZilla is really quick at it.

First run of SmartFTP looks a bit different. When you start it for the first time, you are greeted with a welcome screen, which offers you options of further actions. A box below allows to set transfer queues, trace upload/download speed and manage multiple files upload.

First Run Greeting of SmartFTP Client

If you then open a local browser, you will be surprised to see a new tab opened. This multiple tab feature of SmartFTP is perfect for those, who have several accounts on the same or different servers to manage. Resellers and freelancing web-designers know what it is like, so no wonder many of them choose SmartFTP.

Opening Local Site in SmartFTP Client

So, you now have a local browser open. Lets open a remote one, to get a full picture.

Establishing FTP Connection in SmartFTP Client

Once you provide all the needed login credentials, another separated tab will appear now you have the same split screen as in other clients.

Local and Remote Sites Split Screen in SmartFTP Client

Additional Settings and Peculiarities: FileZilla vs FlashFXP and SmartFTP

When it comes to FTP transfers, all software looks much alike. Most FTP-clients, however, are not limited to that option. FlashFXP, for instance, also allows to carry out server-to-server transfers via FXP (File eXchange Protocol). Such transfers are direct and therefore faster, as the traffic is not processed through your local machine.

Server-to-server Transfer via FlashFXP

Server-to-server Transfer via SmartFTP

Though FileZilla can hardly boast of having this feature, all the other options, such as Filezilla SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH) access, Active/Passive mode switching, connection and upload/download speed limitation are available in it as well as in any other client reviewed there.

Establishing SFTP Connection via FileZilla

FileZilla settings have a detailed multi-branch structure. Settings of SmartFTP and FlashFXP look less complicated. Besides, FlashFXP does not require any special settings for SFTP youll just need to set SSH port in the same quick connect window the protocol is recognized automatically.

Establishing SFTP Connection via SmartFTP

It may be not that easy to choose an FTP-client to manage a website with. However, there are always options left, as you are able to remove current software and install the new one. We hope this article has clarified many things about FTP-clients and especially the use of each of them. FileZilla, for instance, would perfectly fit those, who need simple open source solution or have something different from Microsoft Windows installed on their local machines. FlashFXP is designed for those, who need kind of a more professional solution at a reasonable price. SmartFTP is for real computer geeks and hosting gurus; though its the costliest software its really worth it.

Note: If you have ordered one of ourcheap Linux VPS, you can use any of the specified FTP clients in order to connect to the server.

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Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

I use fillezilla but are there any FTP upload and download comparison charts out there?

FTP Software

Fling sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating with your local Windows Explorer so you can upload from the right-click menu for incredibly fast uploading.

Download Fling FTP Software for Windows

. A free version of Fling FTP Software is available for non-commercial use, if you will be using Fling at home you candownload the free version here.

FTP Automation and SynchronizationUpload directly from within Windows ExplorerDetect file changes and upload automaticallySchedule automatic scans and uploadsManage file transfers to multiple destinationsAutomatically detect and upload changes (incremental FTP/back up)Maintain documents stored on a network folderSupports secure FTP via SSL (FTPS)Fling is typically used to maintain a website. However, additional automation and scheduling features are also ideal for backing up folders and more.Download for Windows

Learn more about Fling automated FTP software

Classic FTP has the look and feel of a typical FTP client, providing stable and comprehensive FTP management in a very easy-to-use package.

Download Classic FTP Windows FTP Client

. A free version of Classic FTP is available for non-commercial use, if you will be using Classic at home you candownload the free version here.

Easy and Reliable FTP Site Maintenance

Intuitive interface of a conventional FTP client

Compare your local drive to the FTP server

Synchronize tool checks local and remote folders for the most up-to-date copies of everything

Manually connect and disconnect to the site

Setup wizard helps establish FTP site connections

Available for both Windows and Mac OS X

Classic FTP makes it easy to view and manage files on a remote FTP server. Upload or download with a single click, or scan updated files with the synchronize tool.

FTPFileZilla Server 0942

FileZilla ServerFTPFTP(FileZilla Client) FileZilla Server FTP Server-U FileZilla Server , FileZilla Server

FileZilla ServerFTPFTP(FileZilla Client) FileZilla Server FTP Server-U FileZilla Server , FileZilla Server

FTPFileZilla Server 0.9.43

FTPFileZilla Server 0.9.50

IBM WebSphere Portal Server V6.0 Solaris9().doc

Web ASCOOS Web Server (AWS)

CentOS Nginx uwsgi flask

XP sp3 compatibilty with FileZilla

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I was able to connect to a FTP site prior to the installation of sp3 and now, FileZilla wont let me connect to my clients site now. The site apparently require Active mode to be on. This is the weird part. I can connect to a majority of FTPs using passive mode but when it requires Active mode for connection it just hangs there…

If anyone has experienced the same issue could you please let me know if you had it solved or what I can do to fix it…

Reinstalled a new version of FileZilla – didnt work and produced the same results.

Tried installing a different FTP program and had the same results with it as well

Removed my router and went straight into my internet provider box.

Tried connecting through IE and it just hangs there with the same results

Tried connecting to the server on a non sp3 computer and it worked fine. But not a solution to the problem.

Please understand that this forum is focus on Windows Vista. You problem is related to Windows XP Service Pack 3. I suggest you post it on Windows XP newsgroup or Windows XP Service Pack 3 forum.

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Laden Sie hier die fr Ihr Betriebssystem passende Version von FileZilla herunter!

FileZilla ist Open Source unterGPL-Lizenz.

(FileZilla fr alte Windows-Versionen)

(Hinweise im Downloadpaket beachten)FileZilla hier Downloaden (Linux)

(Hinweise im Downloadpaket beachten)FileZilla hier Downloaden (Intel x86, Darwin)

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Beim Anklicken des Download-Links ffnet sich ein neues Fenster, danach sollte der Download automatisch starten. Falls der automatische Download bei Ihnen auf dem PC von einem Downloadblocker verhindert wird, beachten Sie bitte die vom Downloadblocker angezeigten Hinweise, oder halten Sie nach diesem Text auf der nchsten Seite Ausschau:

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problems with the download please use thisdirect link.

Klicken Sie dann auf den als unterstrichenen Link angezeigtendirect link(nchste Seite).

Schritt: Laden Sie die gewnschte Datei auf Ihren PC herunter!

Schritt: Installieren Sie das Programmpaket!

Schritt: Beachten Sie die whrend der Installation angezeigten Informationen!

Von Zeit zu Zeit sind bereits neuere Programmversionen als die oben genannten direkt im Download-Repositary der Software auf SourceForge verfgbar.

==Zum Prfen auf die neueste herunterladbare Softwareversion hier klicken!

Lesen Sie denFTP-Schnelleinstiegsowie dieTipps und Tricks!