Nokia adds hover feature to Lumia devices

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Nokia released an update for the display+touch app to bring few changes, including the new hover capability.

The problem, however, is that the update will only work with Lumia smartphones that have the Amber update, meaning only the Lumia 925 will do it for now. Of course, that will change in the next few weeks when the new software will also be released for few other Nokia devices, including the Lumia 920 and Lumia 928.

Back to the hover thing. Basically this capability allows you to hover your hand over the phone to see your glance screen. The magic happens by relying on the built-in proximity sensor which is regularly used to turn-off the touchscreen when youre holding a phone next to your ear.

Pretty cool, especially for folks enjoying BBQ in the summer when their hands are too greasy to touch the phone.

On a related note, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a similar capability enabling users to answer a phone call this way. Perhaps Nokia (or thats Microsoft) will also include something like that in one of its (their) future updates. Well see

display+touch (FREE) [Windows Phone Marketplace Nokia Collection]

The point of a touchscreen is NOT to touch it. 🙂

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Automatic text translation at MSDN pages – How to turn off?

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Is there a way toturn offthe automatic text translation at theMSDN library pages?

I do prefer English text but due to having a German IP address Microsoft activates the automatic translation on every new page load which gives me a yellow box with a German translation of the text I am currently hovering over with the mouse.

This happens regardless what language is initially set in the right upper corner and regardless of whether I am logged in or not.

It. Does. Relate. To Programming. Because. It. Appears. On. A. Programming. Page.

We feel the best Stack Overflow questions have a bit of source code in them, but if your question generally covers a specific programming problem, a software algorithm, software tools commonly used by programmers, practical, answerable problems that are unique to the programming profession then youre in the right place to ask your question!

for me online documentation which is essential for me to do programming falls under the category mentioned above: … software tools commonly used by programmers …. But I dont want to argue with you, you stated your point and I stated mine. I am fine with that.

Clearly msdn is a software tools commonly used by programmers, I dont even see why it shouldnt fall into that category. Your question saved my day as well, those popups per paragraph are really annoying, if I want the page in french or whatever langage, Im a big boy I can find it.

Thank you @Etienne for your support 🙂

When you hit the Original radio button at the top, you see English, with German in the yellow hover box. If you visit the original English site, you dont see a translation, not even on hover. You switch to English by replacing /de-de/ in the URL with /en-us/. As in

German (translation or original with translation on hover):



Thank you very much Chris for your comment 🙂

thank you, is very annoying this functionality!

The language switcher as of August 16 is now on the very

how can i automate this operation? i am sick of rewriting url every time. it is 2017.

If you are a firefox user, you can useRedirectoraddon. Create a new redirect and set it up like this:

It will automatically redirect all msdn requests to english non-translated versions.

Thank you @ghord I will try that out later on and tell you then whether it worked for me.

@marcwellman: So did it work? I have the exact same problem here. Plus, the German MSDN translation has all kinds of errors in it that can turn around the meaning of the text completely. A Firefox add-on like this sounds good.

This must be the accepted answer. You prompted me to find a similar extension in chrome and now it works like a charm. Thanks.

MSDN uses the prefered language from your web browser settings.

This is due to theAccept-Languageheader:

So setting your browser to prefer English language websites should fix this problem. W3C has an overview how to do that on different browsers here:

Yes, but for other pages I may prefer my local language.

@Wernfried Your browser is saying Hey, please give me the website in my local language, MSDN does exactly that (even if in an annoying way). If you want different languages for different websites thats really a problem for the browser to solve.

The provided AddIn (for Firefox) works very well. Thats my solution.

A Display this website in a specific language add-on that uses the Accept-Language mechanism would be even better. That way no URL rewriting would be necessary at all.

Found it! I mean, its 2016, 3 years late, and maybe they just added it recently, but when you scroll all the way down theres a small button in the left bottom corner where you can choose language you want to use (more specifically a country youre from).

Recently I came across the same problem. And I solved it with Chrome extensionModHeader. I configured and it works:

Instead of extensions, which will consume memory and are a bit overkill for that kind of thing, you can use a custom search query.

Settings =>

Manage Search Engines, add this entry:

URL:(or whatever the proper url is at the time of your reading, just use%swherever it needs the actual query string)

Now, in the address bar, just typems [SPACE]. As soon as you press the space, it will prompt you withSearch on MSDN US:. Just type your query now. For instancems stringwill redirect you to the MSDN-US version of the search results forstring. Of course you can change the title and keyword.

Im sure the other common browsers expose that kind of functionality too. On Firefox, I used to plug custom search engines on the search bar.

This is a neat trick that I use for all kinds of searches (SO, Amazon, Wikipedia in different languages, etc.). Its very efficient.

In IE in Internet Options Panel you have Apperrance part in General Tab. Add preffered language as a first and from now on all pages from MSDN will be presented in choosen language

Im using NoScript addon with Firefox (actually Waterfox), just forbib, the translator will be turned off. I think you can use other plugins in other browser to forbid the domain too. NoScript is a must have addon for any serious web user, and UserStyles, of course.

I know its an old question, by maybe this insight will be useful to someone.

I almost always open msdn through a search in google. It most of the time offered me site translated to my local language (through a part of the address with locale), sometimes accompanied by original (English) version next to it. If I click on the original language link, it does not translate anything, so it is notautomatic translationbased on my localization.

What solved my problem was to change google search settings to prefer English, rather than my native language. Go togoogle search settings, setWhich language should Google products use?toEnglish, then inCurrently showing search results in:clickEditand check other languages you are likely to search in.

It will also change the UI language for google. I know it might be a high price to pay, but I believe it is worth it. If you search for a query typed in given language, results will most likely result in this language pages anyway.

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Healthy Lifestyle Programs for Primary Schools

Healthy Lifestyle Programs for Secondary Schools

Sport Rules for Secondary School Teachers

Guidelines for physical activity and nutrition in Outside of School Hours Care centres

Deloitte Access Economics report on vegetable consumption

Active Healthy Kids Australia – 2014 Report Card and 2015 Progress Report Card

Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey: 2015

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ACE 3 The Final – Menu Translation FAQ

Squadron 42: Star Citizen Space Combat Spinoff

Celebs Favorite Classic Games, from Mario to Zelda Ep. 1

Quick Impressions of Floor Kids and Gorogoa for Switch

A.C.E. 3: The Final – Menu Translation FAQ

This file may not be published by any online property that is owned by, has affiliation with, is a partner to, or participated in any content sharing transaction (written, verbal, or otherwise) with CNET Networks, Inc. The latest versions of the document, associated media and errata will always be first available at

This is intended to be an at-a-glance menu translation for A.C.E. 3 The Final (Another Centurys Episode 3 The Final) for players who cannot read Japanese, have no Japanese girlfriend who would put up with this shit, but still have no qualms paying exorbiant prices for that privilege. There are no specific unlocking steps or strategies included for this file, since the game is fairly easy. However, a brief general statement of tippes und non-losung material have been appended. Yes. German equipment is the best.

Once you locate the difficulty choice on the menus, you may change them accidentally. Herere the symbols for the three default difficulties (the Real ACE difficulty only unlocks itself after the games campaign is cleared, all stages are unlocked, or something …. but you can tell it apart from the other difficulties since the same symbols for the ACE rank term in the stage results box are found in the Real ACE term).

Note — Special missions and S-ranks for unlocking new robots and pilots may be done on any difficulty, so dont be stupid. The only advantage to playing on harder difficulties is the slight increase of ACE points on stage clear.

When you first play the game, ACE 3 will have a special options screen upon starting a new game (mostly the games basic settings, difficulty, weapon select, rumble, and flight control type). Take the easy setting, blast all the flaying sea-life space crap and start exploring the menus using the screens below.

After saving the game, the next time you boot ACE 3, it will try to auto-load from the PS2 memory card and will start off on the latest (last saved) game. This is the screen where you will have access to modes, etc.

This is the story mode menu. Note that to recruit people or view the pilots you have, you must continue your story mode or go into free mission.

This is the menu for the games general options.

— Difficulty (REAL ACE) is not shown, but is added to the list once the games story is cleared. — Target Priority is a personal preference; try them all in a stage with somewhat harder enemies. You may want to change this depending on the type of mission and goal (like secret goals) you wish to achieve. — Quick Dash is the ability to dodge by flicking the joystick in a direction (note that air robots still need to use the rudder to evade); turning it off means dashing and tilting the joystick simultaneously. — Height Adjust does not affect your robots ability to hover in the air forever. — Team Attack Animation are the movies that occur after the wingmate cut- scenes during a combination (zenki) attack. EX team attacks feature a darkened sky when that phase of the attack occurs. — Intelli-text this refers to the in-mission subtitles, not the briefing and story screens green smart-ass text. — Menu Voice is the ACE 3 narrator who appears on every goddamn menu.

This is the menu for the games controller options.

— Weapon Select (SHIFT TYPE) is the default setting whereby you hold L1 and press the desired action key to discharge a weapon. While you cannot change course with this setting, the response time is faster than SELECT TYPE. — Weapon Select (SELECT TYPE) is the setting whereby you hold L1, select the weapon using D-pad UP and DOWN, then press the fire special weapon key to discharge a weapon. This mode sucks ass. — Flight Control defines what buttons you use for yawing left and right while in flight mode. The controls are not airplane inverted (you must invert them with the right-most choices). Dodging in flight mode is done by the rudders, not by the joystick. — Camera Control refers to the right stick camera.

D-Pad — L/R zooms the mini-map; U/D is for Weapon (SELECT TYPE) L-Stick — Moves robot; dashes with quick dash R-Stick — Moves camera; R3 centers camera behind robot SQUARE — Fires main weapon CIRCLE — Melee attack (see moves list) TRIANGLE — Acquire target; hold to disengage lock-on CROSS — Toggle on machine R1/R2 — Ascend and descend; double tap for dash L1 — Used for special weapon selection L2 — Used for team attack and flight mode

This is the menu for the games sound options. The video options only adjust gamma.

— Wingmate Chatter affects the one-liners your wingmates (not your pilot) will have during battle; turn off for less stress on PS2s disc laser.

This is the menu for the games co-op mode. More stages are unlocked when stages in the story mode are completed. The final two stages are EX stages and are unlocked when the EX stages are completed in free mission mode. Bonami Merci.

— The rank for the stage is not labelled, but identical to the Free Mission mode menu; ranks in this mode may not affect the accrument of ACE Ranks for machine unlocking.

This is the menu for the games versus mode.

This is the menu for the games free mission mode. Complete both upper and lower paths (choose top/top and bottom/bottom choices for the fastest and least confusing method) and wham! All stages unlocked upon completing stage 19B (or 19A).

— The Purchase Pilot selection may not appear on the menu if you have no more pilots to recruit.

Mission 1 – Take less than 100 points of damage. This is easy once you have a powered up robot with powerful attacks. Mission 2 – Allied carrier (in the southeast) receives less than 20 percent damage. This is easy if you remember the large Zentradi cruisers can fire and do the most damage. Kill the cruisers first, then mop up the ground forces. Mission 3 – Enemy boss in wasteland dealt 90 percent damage or more. The boss mech will flee after suffering some damage; a powerful Wing Gundam L1 + CIRCLE or similar alpha strike (infinite weapons help) will deal with this. Mission 4 – Allied carrier receives less than 20 percent damage. Intercept enemies quickly before they reach your carrier. Infinite weapons should not be necessary, but if you need the extra speed, opt for a VF/YF (Robotech/Macross) fighter. Mission 5 – Occupy all enemy bases under 150 seconds (2:30). Speed and power! Valkyrie fighters or something equivalent. Mission 6 – Destroy at least 100 enemies. Again, speed and power. Valkyrie fighters or something equivalent. Mission 7 – Destroy pursuing enemies (the enemies south of friendly carriers). Make sure to allot enough time to destroy these extra forces and have the chance to attack the units north of the carriers. All the southern units are enemy aces. Mission 8 – Destroy all enemies in each convoy. Lock-on missiles help identify your enemies; alternately, Wing Gundams lasers are not very discriminating in enemy groups. Mission 9A – Prevent both cannons from firing (destroy the enemy unit near the cannons). Speed and power for this one. You have to leave your allies behind, head north and then east to snuff the cannon guards quickly. Mission 10A – Avoid all energy shots from the space station. Use the blue arrows to determine which way to point and dash or dodge. Note that the longer you linger, the more shots the enemy station will fire. Mission 11A – Ensure the carrier does not divert course (destroy all enemy squadrons quickly). Thats what simalcrum said. Mission 12A – There is no mission 12A (B route has one extra stage). Mission 9B – Clear the mission with the allied carrier retaining 40 percent armor. Its time to attack aggressively. Powered up robots help; infinite weapons on easy helps more. Mission 10B – Prevent all transports from escaping. Use Heero Yuys Wing Gundams laser dance in the middle of each group or Freedom/Justice wit
h Meteor packs to nuke the place. Mission 11B – Occupy all enemy bases under 150 seconds (2:30). This task is simple if you have a powered up, infinite weapons robot. Simalcrum prefers either Wing Gundam or Gundam Meteor as they are most indiscriminate about what they destroy. Mission 12B – Find and destroy the Deviator (red strawberry robot) four times. This is a confusing one and it seems that you must find the gumdrop bot before she appears and waste her (quickly). If she appears on her own accord, the event seems to be flawed (or the events get over-stacked) and the special award is not given. The message should appear once her cut-scene of her final defeat finishes (but before you complete the stage). Simalcrum only noticed that the EMP fields were eliminated and nothing else. Some luck is involved, since her appearances are randomized for each quadrant (you need to fly over one of the four white blipped grids). Speed counts, but have the firepower to down her (Simalcrum used a Gundam Meteor on infinite weapons). Mission 13 – Destroy at least 30 U.N Spacy defence satellites (not the targets but the gun turrets). The Gundam Meteors (the FAST packs that make the Freedom/Justice robots into fat spaceships) are the best medicine — use the L1 + R1 attack as soon as the gun satellites open fire. Mission 14 – Occupy all bases under 420 seconds (7:00) while suffering no allied losses. This is a hard one only if you dont have access to an infinite Gundam Meteor (or Wing Gundam). Since the missiles appear in the same spots each time, you need to take out the bases in this order: southern two bases (since you start near them). Head to the north edge and free up your friendly bases (they will intercept the first two missiles) by destroying the enemies and bases there. After the second missile is intercepted, head to the southeast to intercept the third missile (this one aims for the only ship vulnerable if things are done in order). Once that southeast carrier is saved, clear the eastern bases quickly, and then the northern bases. Once you have all the bases under control, you need to take out the enemy reinforcements in the northwest before an errant missile takes away the secret objective. As you can tell, infinite weapons give you the advantage. Mission 15 – Clear mission with no friendly losses. This is easy so long as you clear the flashing enemy groups quickly. Only on harder difficulties will your allies die quickly from the gunfire. Mission 16 – Destroy all yellow units (wait for the northern carrier to be destroyed and then attack the new enemy units). Spend your time destroying all but one flashing enemy group and wait for the northern friendly carrier to be destroyed. Take out enemies near your own carrier and once the allies turn red, destroy them all (the red special objective message will appear) and you can end the mission. Mission 17A – Defeat the enemy boss first form under 30 seconds. Power-up your robot, or rely on a robot with access to Laser Times Infintity. Mission 18A – Destroy all enemies (note ships spawn when one target is remaining). Thats what simalcrum said. Mission 19A – Occupy all bases before an enemy unit flees the map. Laser nuke the enemy bases with a Meteor and watch that blood fly. Mission 17B – Occupy all bases under 300 seconds (5:00). Infinite. Laser. Nuke. Note the problem with this one is the cannon will not stop firing until all the bases are occupied (the two northeast bases are always active as long as the enemy boss there is alive and the enemy boss is invulnerable as long as the other bases (the northwest, east and west) are active. Allied losses do not figure into the bonus, but letting them die will result in failure. Mission 18B – Destroy all ECM/ECCM units. Check the map for the tower (square) structures denoting the ECM/ECCM towers. An enemy group is always stationed nearby to guard them. The towers are located on the in-game map (look for the special red mark). There are seven towers (each with a guard group) and flashing enemies in each sector. Hunt them down and eliminate the final tower guardforce before the final objective enemy for the secret. Mission 19B – Defeat both enemy boss aces by taking out two red (not pink) bases. If you simply take down the EMP siege mech and then blast the pink bases, you will not fight any of the bonus aces; take out the red bases first, and then get your infinite laser spewing Meteor Gundam to do the rest of the work. Mission 20 – Occupy all initial bases under 100 seconds (1:40). This one is confusing at first, but all you do is occupy the first three pink enemy bases in time and you are awarded the secret objective. Losing the bases to attack is almost impossible, but just to be safe, repel all invaders when they are attacking your base forces. Mission 21 – Attack the boss when the enemy percentage reads zero. A hard one if you dont get the feeling of destroying an enemy group near enough to the boss to get there and attack it before it wakes up again. Watch the mini-map and strike when you have the counter (bottom left) read 0%. Naturally, a Gundam Meteor on infinity mode makes this a moderately difficult task. Mission 22 – Destroy 8 enemy aces (pink units). As you destroy the needed 100 enemies, wax a few enemy aces while youre out. Laser nukes turn the tide here. Mission 23 – Destroy all EMP siege mechs under 240 seconds (4:00). If you cant do it, nuke it. Mission 24 – Do not attack the G-BIT enemy robots. A G-BIT is a white robot that looks like the crappy Gundam Classic and is an enemy in this stage. This was a hard one to figure out until you realize you need to not kill the enemies in the first wave (except the targeted ones). Its best to set this to easy and ignore all enemies except the red targets. Once your carrier leaves the map, the special award will be complete and you can go back into kill everything that moves mode. Mission 25 – Take out all siege mechs (the shielded guys that cover two tactical squares with death). Although you only need to remove a few from the map for all three carriers to converge on the northwest corner, killing all the siege mechs will award you this secret bonus. Note that each carrier faces different dangers — the southeast is harrassed by many enemies, the northwest by two cannons, and the southwest by enemy aces. Prioritize your threats and respond with excessive force. Mission 26 – Player takes less than 100 damage; allied carrier less than 50 percent damage. Simalcrum used a Valkyrie fighter (no infinite weapons) for this one. The speed and missile flurry of the original Macross pilots or the Plus pilots kick ass (just intercept each enemy group and do the Macross missile dance). With infinite weapons, this mission is even easier. Mission 27 – Clear mission with fewer than 25 percent allied losses. This one is hard until you get something with infinite laser firepower. There are two waves of enemies on each half of the map; the second wave will almost always be all enemy aces. Nothing a little Meteor Laser Barrage wont solve, but beware of the slow speed of the Gundam Meteors. Mission 28 – Take less than 3000 damage (try using infinite weapons with Wing Gundam EW). The Wing Gundam is fun, but Meteor is more fun. Just beware that Meteor Gundam cannot turn as easily as the Wing Gundam (for team attack, etc.). Mission 29 – Take less than 2000 damage (use infinite weapons with VF-1A/S or VF-19/21). The Gundam Meteor is almost as fast but can do more damage. Its harder to get an ACE rank here than it is to do the secret objective.

This is the menu just before starting a mission (any mission, except co-op and versus). You can only upgrade machines and pilots in story or free mission mode (not 2P mode).

This is the menu just before starting a mission (any mission, except co-op and versus) for selecting a robot and upgrading pilots. The wingmate menu is identical, but will not have the three VR test modes.

— Armor Point Repair is available in all 1P modes, but is mainly for repairing machines in story mode. — Press SQUARE when on the machine list to display the moves list for that machine. — U
nless you can read Japanese, sort the machines by series/pilot; you know this is the sort order when the guy you play has all of his robots Form B, Form G, Form H, etc. bunched together at the bottom of the list. — The infinite weapon option may be purchased in the power-up pilot screen; once bought, infinite weapons may be toggled from there (ON/OFF).

This is the menu when you press START during a mission.

— The un-translated choices are mission logs and objectives. — The enemy unit viewer can view allied unit strength as well (D-pad L/R). — Dots are mobile units; if they are flashing, they are moving (usually to attack). — Crosses are stationary bases (or artillery cannons). — Hollow circles with dots are your allied carriers. — Boxed crosses are the EMP siege mechs (the red grids are their field of fire). — Purple areas are disruption fields (just one stage in the game). — Red arrows (space mode) denote enemy targets. — Blue arrows (space mode) denote your course of action (defend a unit or route of retreat). — Blinking dots are enemy groups that need to be destroyed to win. — Blinking crosses are enemy bases that need to be occupied to win. — Red units are regular enemy units. — Pink units are those with enemy aces (tougher enemies or bosses). — Green units are friendly units. — Going underwater slightly reduces damage from some weapons fired at you from above. — Cannons and siege mechs are made vulnerable or deactivated by defeating the enemy guards stationed near those units.

— Unlock new robots (free and in the shop) by doing the following: completing story missions, increasing the experience of existing pilots, completing extra and VS missions in free mission mode with high ACE Rank scores (very easy on easy … if you have infinite weapons). — Pilot proficiency does not transfer across every machine he/she pilots; however, only one pilot may be selected by a player for each mission. — Infinite weapons are unlocked through the power-up menu when a pilots experience is maxxed out and all the stats have been bought and if the story mode has been cleared at least once. — If you want an infinite weapon robot, either the Gundam Freedom or Justice (the red surf-board robot or blue gundam laser sniper robot) are good ones to develop for infinite weapons; their L1 + R1 pretty much means death to anything in front of them. The other alternative is Heero Yuys Wing Gundam (L1 + CIRCLE) whose only drawback is being a little slow on the boosting. — After completing mission 29, save and continue the game to unlock the second path (and more pilots).

To increase the power of your machines, you need lots of money. Luckily has a page with Action Replay (16 digit code) to give people a sensible shortcut. However, that device is no longer in print; luckily hackers made some codes for existing PS2 cheat devices. Note you will need a dual-country PS2 to boot an American GameShark, Codebreaker, or ARMAX; a Japanese PS2 will not work with American PS2 discs. You can always borrow a friends machine and run the codes, but the $10 million will not cover all the costs of the infinite weapons, purchase, and upgrades (you need more than $20 million for the 90+ machines) – good luck! Gameshark version 3 and 4 codes (untested) MASTER CODE – F4D0962A B674451E Inf. Money – 24D03228 167447C8 2455963E BAE0D4EE CodeBreaker codes version 7 and higher (untested) MASTER CODE – FA7A006C 32D0889A Inf. Money – 2ABB3F69 00000000 2A271CE7 000F423F Action Replay MAX codes (tested on PS2 ARMAX) MASTER CODE – XVJD ZTNC J58CG D7GD T29X DKJ1Z Inf. Money – 3AQ3 46B5 PVBGZ R2FG EP1G K4ETR N6TD B5ZW 53Q09

Unsolved mysteries of …. Unsolved Mysteries

— For the robots Na Na Jin (mantis robots with samurai sword) the L1 and R1/R2 moves requires something called Wings of Lean/Rean. Whatever the hell it is, it is not in any of the melee combos or special attacks so the attack is fundamentally useless until you know how to use the move (its applicable to all three mantis mechs).

For the Nanajin, you have to get the armor points around 30% or less before the move works.

Kind thanks to and Mr. Faididi for translations

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Microsoft Translator now available for all Edge users with the Windows 10 Anniversary update

Microsoft Translator now available for all Edge users with the Windows 10 Anniversary update

Microsoft Edge – Turn on translation by clicking on the Translator icon in the top right corner of the browser

Skype Preview – Turn on translation by selecting Translate from the More (…) menu in the top right corner of the app

If you have received theWindows 10 Anniversary update, you can now translate foreign language web pages for50+ languagesin your updated Microsoft Edge browser by downloading the brand newMicrosoft Translator Edge extension. You can also copy text from within the browser and right click to get quick translations of shorter passages.

Also included in the Anniversary update of Windows 10 is the brand new Skype Preview app featuring translation powered by Microsoft Translator. Using this app, you can carry on a fully translated conversation in8 different languages, or IM in all of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

The Windows 10 Anniversary update has already begun rolling out. If you are a Windows 10 user, it will be available within the next few months. You can also update Windows 10 manually by following the instructionshere.

The extension for Edge was previously onlyavailable for Windows Insiders, but it is now available to anyone using Edge on their Windows 10-powered device once they have received the update.

The Microsoft Translator Edge extension is one of the first group of extensions available for Edge to personalize and add new features to the browser. Thirteen other popular extensions are now also available from the Windows Store. You can learn more about all of the changes to Edge with the Anniversary update on theEdge blog.

Once installed, the translation icon will appear in the address bar when visiting a foreign-language webpage in Microsoft Edge. You can then click on the icon to instantly translate the webpage to your current Windows language. The extension works from and to of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

Be sure to let us know what you think about the new extension on ourcustomer support and feedback page.

Subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Chinook Middle School Uses Microsoft Translator to Foster Multilingual Dialog with Parents

Microsoft Translator accelerates use of Neural Networks across its offerings

Translate Word Documents into 60+ Languages with Word Translator

Bringing AI translation to edge devices with Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator Adds Tamil as a Supported Language

How to Figure Out Why Your PC Is Beeping (Beep Codes

Is your computer making a beeping sound when it starts… and then doesnt really start? No, youre not crazy, your computer really is beeping, and the sound may be coming from

These beeps are calledbeep codesand are used by theBIOS(the software that runs your computerhardware) during thePOST(an initial test to make sure your computer is OK to start) to report certain initial system errors.

If youre hearing beep codes after you turn your computer on, it typically means that themotherboardhas encountered some kind of problem before it was able to send any kind of error information to themonitor. The beeping, then, is a way to communicate a problem to you when the computer cant show a proper error on the screen.

Follow the steps below to determine what computer problem the beep code is representing. Once you know whats wrong, you can work to fix the issue.

Figuring out why your computer is making beeping sounds should only take 10 to 15 minutes. Solving that problem that you identify is another task entirely and could take a few minutes to hours, depending on what the problem ends up being.

Power on the computer, or restart it if its already on.

Listen very carefully to the beep codes that sound when the computer begins toboot.

Restart your computerif you need to hear the beeping again. Youre probably not going to make whatever problem you have worse by restarting a few times.

Write down, in whatever way makes sense to you, how the beeps sound.

Pay close attention to the number of beeps, if the beeps are long or short (or all the same length), and if the beeping repeats or not. There is a big difference between a beep-beep-beep beep code and a beep-beep beep code.

I know this might all seem a little crazy but this is important information that will help determine what issue the beep codes are representing. If you get this wrong, youll be trying to solve a problem your computer doesnt have and ignoring the real one.

Next youll need to figure out what company manufactured the BIOS chip thats on your computer motherboard. Unfortunately, the computer industry never agreed on a uniform way to communicate with beeps, so its important to get this right.

The easiest way to figure this is out is by installing one ofthese free system information tools, which should tell you if your BIOS is made by AMI, Award, Phoenix, or another company. If that doesnt work, you couldopen your computerand take a peek at the actual BIOS chip on your computer motherboard, which should have the company name printed on or next to it.

Your computer maker is not the same as the BIOS maker and your motherboard maker is not necessarily the same as the BIOS maker, so dont assume you already know the right answer to this question.

Now that you know the BIOS manufacturer, choose the troubleshooting guide below based on that information:

AMI Beep Code Troubleshooting (AMIBIOS)

Award Beep Code Troubleshooting (AwardBIOS)

Phoenix Beep Code Troubleshooting (PhoenixBIOS)

Using the beep code information specific to those BIOS makers in those articles, youll be able to figure out exactly whats wrong thats causing the beeping, be it a RAM issue, a video card problem, or some other hardware problem.

Some computers, even though they may have BIOS firmware made by a particular company, like AMI or Award, further customize their beep-to-problem language, making this process a little frustrating. If you think this might be the case, or just worried it could be, almost every computer maker publishes their beep code list in their user guides, which you can probably find online.

SeeHow to Find Tech Support Informationif you need some help digging up your computers manual online.

Still cant figure out what the beep codes mean? SeeGet More Helpfor information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.

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Add a Google Translation Bar to Your Favorite Browser

Does the idea of a click on click off translation bar sound useful? Then you will definitely want to take a look at the Google Translation Bar Bookmarklet.

For our example we decided to add the bookmarklet to SeaMonkey. To add it to your favorite browser simply drag the bookmarklet to your browsers Bookmarks Toolbar.

Clicking on the bookmarklet will open the Google Translation Bar. The toolbar displays with a default of Translate to English and you can Turn off Detect Language translation if desired. Notice that you can easily close the toolbar using the small x at the end of the right side if you no longer need it active.

Translating English to a Different Language

For our first test we decided to translate an English webpage into a different language (Korean). Click on the small Arrow Button to access the drop-down menu and select the desired language.

Once you have chosen the language that you would like to translate the webpage into click on the Translate Button

And within a few moments the webpage translation will be finished up. Notice that you can revert back to the original language version if desired.

Translating a Different Language to English

For the second part of our test we decided to translate a Japanese webpage into English

As before the toolbar displayed with English as the Translate To language default when we clicked on the bookmarklet.

Another webpage translated and ready to read through. Obviously webpage elements such as Flash will not be translated but that is ok

If you have been looking for an extremely convenient way to translate webpages on demand, then you will definitely want to add this bookmarklet to your favorite browser.

Get the Google Translation Bar Bookmarklet

Akemi Iwayais a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing old school role-playing games. You can visit her onTwitterandGoogle+.

Famed daredevil and stuntman Evel Knievel experienced broken bones an estimated 433 times over the course of his career.

How to Fax a Document From Your Smartphone

How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line

Get Chromecast-Style Controls on Any Device With YouTube Pairing

What Is USB Debugging, and Is It Safe to Leave It Enabled on Android?

Whats the Best Way to Back Up My Computer?

7 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on a MacBook

How to Combine Multiple Partitions Into a Single Partition

Why Does Photo Paper Improve Print Quality?

Great Last Minute Gifts You Can Send By Email, You Lazy Jerk

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Turn off both checkboxes under the Selection Preview section.

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Site HomeExample CodeTooltips on iPad

If youre reading this page, youre doubtless aware that touch-based browsers dont have a mouse cursor. Having a mouse cursor is a necessary precondition of detecting mouse events, such as hover. This page presents a workaround that makes tooltips accessible from touch-based browsers.

Touch-based browsers havent been that common until recently. Even where they existed, they werent much used, due to the small sizes of most multi-touch screens. The iPad is changing all that. Soon there will be large multi-touch browsers besides Safari for the iPad, but for now, what were REALLY talking about here is the iPad.

Nevertheless, Im going to try to remain ecumenical about this and keep saying touch-based browser.

In general, you dont want to send this code to a browser unless its touch-based. The easy way to do this is to search for the strings iPad, iPhone or iPod in the HTTP header HTTP_USER_AGENT. Because ColdFusions regular expression find command (REFind) accepts the pipe character () to mean or, ColdFusion can do this in only one line:

REFind is case-sensitive, which is okay, because iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches declare themselves with those exact same upper and lower case characteristics. It returns 0 if the regular expression is not found, or the 1-based offset of the first occurrence if it is found. CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT retrieves the value of the HTTP header HTTP_USER_AGENT in the request (typically a GET). The expression something GT 0 returns Yes or No (ColdFusions English-friendly boolean values), according to whether or not the expression is true or false. And the parentheses around that expression guarantee that it will be evaluated ahead of the assignment operator (=).

Interestingly, this same REFind works with Opera and the Atomic WebBrowser for iPad too. However, the Atomic WebBrowser allows setting the user agent string to those of other browsers, if you do that for a non-iPad browser, it wont work, obviously.

Other server-side scripting languages would have their own syntax for the same thing, but ColdFusions pretty easy, and this provides the gist of how to do it.

On the browser youre currently using to read this, Variables.TouchBasedBrowser got set toNO.

As time goes by, there are bound to be more touch-based browsers. Please send an e-mail to info (at) webmanwalking (dot) org if you want me to add your favorite touch-based browser to this list. (Please include the substring of HTTP_USER_AGENT that uniquely identifies the touch-based version of that browser.)

The trick is to define an event handler for an event you CAN detect, namely oncontextmenu. The context menu is typically revealed by right-click if you have a two-button mouse, or by clicking with a modifier key down if you have a one-button mouse, or by pressing and holding on a touch-based browser. To do this, you have to use a, not div or input or span, because with plain-old background text, Safari for iPad defaults to selecting text.

If you dont give an a tag the href attribute, it isnt hot, so what should you give as the href? Some like , but that scrolls to top-of-page. Some like nonexistentname, but thats pretty kludgey (pronounced clue-jee). Some like javascript:void(); or javascript:void(0);, but that can throw an error. And heres an href that literally means do nothing:

(Define an anonymous JavaScript function that does nothing, and then call it.) Unfortunately, javascript URLs dont trigger the contextmenu event.

So were going to need to have an href of an actual page that doesnt potentially throw away form data. I came up with a ColdFusion page that looks for and displays a Query_String containing Tooltip=((text)), and to give the hotlink (pop up a new window).

That said, heres a self-contained example of how to do display a tooltip just prior to the context menu:

a href=javascript:(function())(); class=emphasize_max title=This is my tooltip.

cfif Variables.TouchBasedBrowser

oncontextmenu=return confirm(this.title + \n\n + The message above is a tooltip. \n + If you want to see the context-sensitive help menu too, click OK. \n + If all you wanted to see was the tooltip, press Cancel.);

This text has a tooltip. (Press and hold if youre on an iPad, or just hover over it if not.)/a

This text has a tooltip. (Press and hold if youre on an iPad, or just hover over it if not.)

Returning false prevents the default action, which would be to display the context-sensitive help menu.

You cant do cfif in a cacheable JavaScript file. The .js suffix prevents ColdFusion from getting control. You could cfinclude it, but that keeps it from being cacheable, slowing down page load times. But you CAN write a standard routine that you can include on every touch-based browser page.

TouchBasedBrowser.js(hotlink opens new window to my TouchBasedBrowser.js file):

$(document).ready(function() $(a[title]) .not([oncontextmenu]) // Dont bind this handler if the HTML already defined something. .bind(contextmenu, function() return confirm(this.title + \n\n + The message above is a tooltip (displayed by jQuery for this example). \n + If you want to see the context-sensitive help menu too, click OK. \n + If all you wanted to see was the tooltip, press Cancel.) ); );

Calling page (something.cfm, for the cfif):

script src=/library/javascripts/jquery/jquery.js/script

cfif Variables.TouchBasedBrowser

script src=TouchBasedBrowser.js/script

… a href=/library/callbacks/dsp_tooltip.cfm?Tooltip=This%20is%20my%20jQuery%2Ddisplayed%20tooltip%2E class=emphasize_max title=This is my jQuery-displayed tooltip.Much simpler./a

So, the next time someone tells you that it cant be done, you can counter their lack of imagination with a demonstration that it can.

How To Remove Hover Text on Bing

June 4, 2009 SoftwareWeb 2.0Web NewsWeb Software Reviews

The new Bing search engine shows text excerpts when you mouse over search results. Frankly it can be troublesome and many publishers will want to remove this option. If you would like to remove the hover text within bing, you need to add the following META tag to your head area on any/all pages you want the hover text removed for.

meta name=robots content=nopreview

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Its good to know how to turn this feature off, but think carefully before you decide.

Bing presents this information so that users can make a more informed decision before clicking on a link. This saves time and can help avoid destination disappointment.

For me, I love this feature because I now get a better sense of where Im about to go. All search engines should have this feature so users can avoid those made-for-advertising spam sites.

If a site was to disable this feature, Id would they have something to hide and probably avoid it unless it was from a trusted domain.

If the hover feature worked after the cursor rested over the link for, say, a half-second or so, Id agree its useful. But the goddam thing activates even when the cursor is rapidly swept across the Bing icon. So anytime Im moving the cursor around a webpage, if the cursor touches the Bing thing for even a nanosecond, those goddam Bing info boxes pop up. It could NOT be more aggravating. THATS why Im going to remove it.

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